Should I add a "Micro" PDP11/73 to the Herd?

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Date: Thu Jun 22 15:27:08 2000

> > If you read the license of most software you will find that it says You
> > don't own it and that "you" are licensed to use it. Cars are bought
> > outright IE: they are property. Software for the most part is "rented"
> > for lack of a better word.
> What we need to know, is who (what corporate representative) was the
> first person to capitulate to the robber barons by being willing to sign
> a software license that granted only the right to use said software.
> Once one corporation capitulated, the rest were bound to follow.
> We could make that person number one in the Computing Hall of Shame.
> Hell hath no flames hot enough for that person...
> -dq

Do you have any understanding of the computer industry? Do you have any
understanding of computers larger than your Windows box? Do you even look
at the licenses of any software you have purchased? I'm fairly sure you
don't remember the days when you didn't even own the computer, you rented
it, or rented time on one.

Kindly take your free software whine elsewhere. If you want to write
software and give it away that's your business. If someone else wants to
write software and sell right to use licenses that's their business.
Personally I both sell and give away the software I write, depending on the

                Zane (who is sick and tired about people whining about
                      non-free software)
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