New HP150 software finds.

From: Ernest <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 19:01:09 2000

> I picked a big stack of HP150 single sided software disks today, most of
> which I didn't have.

I've started to make copies of these HP150 disks, and since I have a minute,
I was wondering why my WinPC won't recognize these disks. What I've been
doing to get around this problem is to copy each disk to the HD on my 150,
and then copy the new files from the 150 to a blank 720k disk, which my
Pentium system can see but this is really tedious.

What's happening is that my Pentium system doesn't recognize the format of
these old SS 3.5 disks, even though they are formatted with MSDOS (FAT 12 I
think.) My Pentium will see the 720k disks that I format on the HP but not
the old SS disks. Does anyone know why?

Are the old disks copy protected? Or is because they're single sided? I'm
curious because I would like to find a better way to copy these disks.


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