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From: Megan <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 23:14:59 2000

>All this talk about RT-11, RSX-11M,RSTS/E licensing details is making me
>wonder. If I acquired a PDP-11 of some kind, and it came with RSX-11M
>and/or RT-11 and or/ RSTS/E, would I have to have a license? I know a

Legally, yes, you would need a license. This step is accomplished by
either buying one yourself or having the prior owner transfer theirs
to you (assuming *they* had a license).

>license is legally required, but is it essential in running the OS? Does
>the OS have any way of checking for one? What is required for running the

There is nothing in RT, RSTS or RSX which checks for a license, so it
doesn't know you have or don't have one...

>OS? I really don't know anything about the PDP-11 family.

What is required is a complete distribution...

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