Should I add a "Micro" PDP11/73 to the Herd?

From: Megan <>
Date: Thu Jun 22 23:28:21 2000

>This is not a problem. One just has to make sure that one has a
>system in one's collection running Bob Subnik's emulator attached to
>one's real PDP-11s. Have the one with the emulator monitoring
>something on the real PDP-11 systems, or somesuch, then, you ARE using
>the versions of RT-11 on the real PDP-11s with Bob Supnik's emulator.
>:-) :-) :-)

Sorry, the current license does NOT impart a right to run the
software on *real hardware*. It only imparts a right to use it
with the DEC pdp-11 emulator products and Bob Supnik's emulator.
This means running it *on* the emulator, not what you mention

>Ok, let's not make a big deal out of people using RT-11 on their
>systems. If they don't have a copy, someone will probably clone them
>a copy. No big deal, and DEC didn't care. I was actually told, by
>someone in customer service at DEC, to go ahead and use it and not
>worry about the license, a few years back, and, when a very pleasant
>chap from DEC field service came to my house to investigate a melted
>mains plug, no questions were asked.

If they said that, they were *wrong*.

>There, _in conjunction with the EMULATOR_ - it doesn't say to only use
>it with the emulator, but in conjunction with the emulator.

Maybe in your mind it means you don't have to run it on the emulator,
but now you are properly informed -- it means that you may only run
it on the *emulated machine*.

>Also, that bit about the license being revocable; that's probably as
>binding as a contract of ashesion. Let's say you spend a huge amount
>of time on writing some software to control various things around your
>house that runs under RT-11; you most likely have a right to continue
>using your software running under RT-11.

You can continue to use your software, you just can't run it under
RT -- regardless of what it is written for, since you don't have a
valid license for RT.

Please, all this talk of ignoring licenses and the lack of need for
them can only serve to hurt to rest of the community of pdp-11
collectors. Mentec is apparently close to allow us all to use the
real software on the real hardware... *DON'T SCREW IT UP*

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