Should I add a "Micro" PDP11/73 to the Herd?

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Date: Fri Jun 23 08:33:11 2000

>> If it's at all windy, or even a little breezy, be careful with those
>> rack side panels, as they can go flying into something rather easily.

>Would it be feasible to remove the skins and set it on its side (on
>a quilt)?

Yes, that's my preferred way for transporting H9642's when they can't
be moved standing up. The quilt is there to protect your truck bed,
not the rack :-). Again, make sure the side panels don't blow away,
there's a pair of VAX 11/750 top panels *somewhere* along the side of the Santa
Monica freeway that disappeared once during a haul of mine...
>I'll at least be transferring the plexiglass tape drive window
>to the Cipher I have for the Prime. BTW, I asked the seller to
>check the rear plate of the TS05, thinking it *is* a Cipher F880
>and he came back and said it has only a TS05 ID plate.
>The front bezel is *identical* to the F880 streamer. Do you know
>yea/nay on this?

Mechanically, they're identical except for the nameplates. There may
be slightly different firmware/electronics, but these vary depending on the
F880 rev level anyway.

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