RSX-11M for Supnik emulator ?

From: Megan <>
Date: Fri Jun 23 15:08:21 2000

>Speaking of PDP-11 emulators and licenses ...

>Is there anywhere I can get an RSX-11M distribution for use with Supnik's
>emulator? The current Mentec license appears to permit this (at least,
>for RSX-11M V4.3 and previous, or RSX-11M PLUS V3.0 or previous), but the
>software isn't on the DEC FTP site.

Back when the Mentec license became available, I took a copy of my
V5.3 kit and packaged it up for Bob Supnik so that he could get it
up on the DEC ftp site. Unfortunately, by that time there was simply
no-one from the RSX or RSTS groups left to do the same for those
systems. And now, Bob Supnik is no longer around, so I don't know
who to contact about putting stuff up on the site. Hopefully
Mentec could be persuaded to have an archive of distributions
available (once they actually allow the hobbyist use)...

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