Corvus concept

From: Sean Caron <>
Date: Fri Jun 23 16:07:38 2000

"McFadden, Mike" wrote:

> I just came across a cardboard paper box that had 11 Corvus concept memory
> boards in it. Each is about 6" by 6" square. That's all there was. Anyone
> have an idea what they are?
> Mike
> box diver = computer scrounger = ancient programmer

I would assume they were memory boards for the Corvus Concept, a rather
interesting workstation-type computer that was produced around 1984 or so, I

It was a pretty neat system. It was 68000 based and I think it could run UNIX
as well as a custom operating system made by Corvus (I can't remember the name
of it off the top of my head) that was quasi-WYSIWYG.. Kind of a LISA Office
System type of thing. There was a word processor, spreadsheet, etc. The system
itself had this high-res (bitmapped?) monitor that you could swivel between
portrait and landscape mode.

I've got a magazine article about them kicking around the house somewhere. I
can look for it if you're interested in more information about the systems.

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