Where can I find 5.25 DS/DD disks?

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Date: Sat Jun 24 06:18:06 2000

>I have a couple of questions regarding 5.25 inch, DS/DD disks...
>First, where is the best place to buy some new ones?

Occasionally I find a wholesaler going out of business and selling
thousands of boxes of 'em, at prices as low as 10 cents a box. But
barring such a surplus find, you can buy them brand new from www.buy.com.
At the moment you can get Maxell, Imation, and Verbatim at $4.95 a box
from them, but I've seen prices as low as $2.95 a box.

>Second, does any manufacturer still produce this media, and what is the
>shelf life?

The Imation floppies I've gotten from buy.com were produced in the last
year or two. So yes, it's still being made.

> Basically, what I'm asking here is, will our 5.25 drives become
>useless before too much longer?

5.25" drives, useless soon? I don't think so! I still use 14" removable
hard drives!

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