TRON Movie Soundtrack LP

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sun Jun 25 00:29:22 2000

>I found the soundtrack to Tron on vinyl at a local thrift shop today.
>It's in nearly prefect condition. Did I score?
>Too bad I don't have a record player so I can listen to it :(

You could give it a try on your grammophone. ;)

Hard to guess what is worth keeping, otherwise people would keep it. I
found what I "thought" would be a GREAT RESCUE, a small stack of still
sealed brand new RCA CED video discs. No interest. I may give them one last
chance on eBay, but I have a long list of stuff on a similar "death row".
Of course I will be posting my list a couple places as well. Stay tuned
MAJOR clearing out between now and the weekend of 7/8 (7/8 is our once a
year garage sale day in Condo Hell).
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