Building a better "old" computer

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Sun Jun 25 11:16:00 2000

> On Sun, Jun 25, 2000 at 09:48:57AM -0400, Douglas Quebbeman wrote:
> >You can buy a brand-spanking-new IMSAI 8080 that has 1 meg
> >of bank-switched static RAM and a 20mHz Z-80 (actually Z-280?)
> >processor for under US$1000. I'd say that qualifies for an
> >excellent "old" new computer.
> Actually last time I checked, you could only *order* that machine, not
> buy one, as they didn't/don't exist yet (still debugging the prototype).
> And it's not an IMSAI 8080 by a long shot, it's a completely different
> machine stuck in a familiar-looking box. So it doesn't address the
> original poster's point of building a better-than-1979 machine using
> 1979 components.

Point to John: the machine offered for sale is called an
IMSAI Series Two, not an IMSAI 8080. However, its arguable
that many existing IMSAI 8080s ceased being IMSAI 8080s
when the owners stuck in a Cromemco ZPU, a TDL Z-80 CPU
board, or somesuch.

However, quoting from the main web page:

: Delivery is currently 6 to 8 weeks from the date of order.
: Please check with us for confirmation of shipping date.
: Assembled IMSAI products are shipped factory assembled
: and supplied with a no-hassle two-year warranty on parts
: and labor UNLESS specified otherwise. See the warranty
: details on our ORDER page.

Now, I don't have a kilobuck laying around with which to
test these statements. But as to my original statement,
clearly, people spending $1200 for an original either
have little interest in running the thing, or, at very
least, want an "original" more so that they can say it
is an "original" over and above its value as a working
system. If its value as a working system is more important,
they'll consider buying the Series Two.

And if the Series Two is still vaporware, then all I can
say is that is a _very_ old tradition in the microcomputer
field, and I think I'll have to write up my experience with
Processor Technology and the Sol as an example of this (I
still have all the "soon" letters I got from them).

doug quebbeman
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