Building a better "old" computer

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Sun Jun 25 11:44:11 2000

> >You can buy a brand-spanking-new IMSAI 8080 that has 1 meg
> >of bank-switched static RAM and a 20mHz Z-80 (actually Z-280?)
> >processor for under US$1000. I'd say that qualifies for an
> >excellent "old" new computer.
> First Z280 didn't need bank switch as it had a 24bit MMU. Second if
> it has Z280 production would be hard as Zilong endof lifed it some 6
> years ago.
> Likely is Z180 or Z380.

You're right, it's Z180, I wrote that part of the post before
doublechecking the web page, then didn't edit the earlier

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