TRON Movie Soundtrack LP

From: Wayne M. Smith <>
Date: Sun Jun 25 17:37:45 2000

One of the interesting things (to me) about Tron is
that the composer, Wendy Carlos - see - was formerly known as Walter
Carlos prior to gender redesignation procedures. (The
whole story of this is laid out in a late 1970s
interview in Playboy). She/he originally gained fame
for recording "Switched on Bach" in the 1960s - one of
the first recordings of classical music on an
electronic synthesizer - and later composed the score
to Clockwork Orange (still as Walter). By the time of
Tron, Walter had become Wendy.

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> I found the soundtrack to Tron on vinyl at a local
thrift shop today.
> It's in nearly prefect condition. Did I score?
> Too bad I don't have a record player so I can listen
to it :(
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