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From: Paul Braun <>
Date: Sun Jun 25 22:41:33 2000

<snippage about Wendy Carlos>
> She is one of many talents that took electronics and
> rather than make Rover howl, did achieve serious music.
> Allison

You are absolutely correct on that one, Allison. I read an interview
with Bob Moog where he was discussing the early days of synths.
After "S-OB" was released and just exploded, everybody and their
brother had to have a Moog. Problem was, most of what was
produced on them was total crap, probably sounding like what I
would do if I couldn't sequence the hell out of something. (Ever hear
George Harrison's "Electronic Music"? 'Nuff said.......)(And yes, I
know that wasn't George. It was really just the synth salesman
noodling and demoing the machine, and George released it under
his name. If you have an original copy, you can see the other guy's
name before George made the record company print over his name
on the jacket......)

Bob's comment was that it became very apparent that what made
"S-OB" the huge hit that it was wasn't his synth, it was Wendy....

It's even more amazing to listen to that album now and think about
the technology that didn't exist back then for sequencing and
midi...what she did manually was astounding. She and Larry Fast
have always been heroes of mine.

Paul Braun WD9GCO
Cygnus Productions
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