Creating empty RM03 under Bob's emulator

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Date: Mon Jun 26 07:33:51 2000

On Sun, Jun 25, 2000 at 06:09:36PM +0000, wanderer wrote:
>When I create an empty RM03 under Bob's emulator witht the badblock
>When using RT-11, INI doesn't do anything, it just hangs.

John Wilson asked:
>With what driver?

Pre-V5.5 versions of RT-11 come with the "DP:" driver, but this
doesn't do RM03's, just RP02's and RP03's. It wouldn't suprise
me if it got confused when you hooked a RM03 (real or emulated)
to a system and tried to access it with the "DP:" driver, but
that's "operator error".

There are several DECUS-distributed RM03 device drivers for RT-11,
and there were also a couple of commercial ones sold by third parties
in the 1980's. The most likely DECUS driver is library entry 11-517,
"System Device Handler For RM02, RM03, RP04, RP05, RP06 and RT-11 V4".

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