Paul Allen's TOAD (was: Re: MicroPDP-11/73 Goes to Evil Lurker)

From: Pat Barron <>
Date: Mon Jun 26 12:05:08 2000

On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, Douglas Quebbeman wrote:
> Speaking of the DEC-10, Paul Allen was going to
> put a TOAD online running TOPS-10; does anyone
> know if that ever came about?

Yes; the machine is on-line at It runs TOPS-20
(according to the data I have, TOPS-10 runs on the TOAD, but only on the
console - no network logins, and the TOAD doesn't support any serial

Supposedly, accounts on that machine are/were available for folks
interested in PDP-10 stuff, but the e-mail address that was given for
requests ( seems to lead to /dev/null these
days; I've been trying for over a year to get someone to answer my e-mail,
without success. I even went so far as to call his PR firm (the only
e-mailable contact I could find on his web site); they had no knowledge of
the machine, or of the offer to give people accounts, and could only tell
me that "if no one is answering your e-mail, then it most likely means
that this service is no longer being offered". I know that some folks
have accounts and use the machine - I should have sent my request in when
the offer was originally posted.... :-(

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