Query about Meyers Computer Services of Jersey Shore, PA

From: John Allain <John.Allain_at_donnelley.infousa.com>
Date: Mon Jun 26 15:53:16 2000

...Has anyone done business with Richard Meyers


...it's DOA. Won't spin up;
...description for the item gave it a 2-day DOA

  Sounds clear to me. Insist on some kind of
  replacement or money-back.

  The one time I recieved bad HW in an auction
  I pressed for some sort of ?retribution, the seller
  offered replacement and gave it, without asking for
  bad part in return.

...three SMD devices appear to have been removed

  Sure they're not just board options that
  weren't placed?

  DOA even with perfect a looking thing would be
  still be DOA AFAIK.

John A.
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