Do I look Rich ?

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Mon Jun 26 17:32:20 2000

> Had a guy e-mail me that wanted to sell a Osborne (do not which model)
> but he wanted $3,500 and was not sure if it worked. That's what happens
> when you get your name in the paper. If anyone else wants it let me
> know.


You just need to polish up your social engineering skills. ;-)

I got a Prime 2455 for shipping costs only; the owner wanted...

        ...drum roll, please...

ten thousand american dollars for this wonderful little machine.

The process did entail one $25 phone call to Arizona, and a few
shorter/cheaper ones, listening to his anxiety over marrying off
the first of his daughters (late, at age 29), and such. But it
paid off.

-doug q
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