Query about Meyers Computer Services of Jersey Shore, PA

From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Tue Jun 27 07:43:47 2000

> A few thoughts on this;
> 1) Don't make public posts questioning a vendors integrity prior to making
> a good effort to settle the issue privately. This will include waiting
> than two business days for a reply.

I went back and carefully read what I posted; a strict deconstruction
of your phrase "questioning a vendor's integrity" does not seem to
apply to what I said. I thought the tone of my post was respectful
if somewhat apprehensive. I did not question his integrity; I merely
related my experience and queried others as to theirs.

And as to waiting two business days, let me say this. We all
tend to expect instant results from anything involving a
computer, forgetting that a human component is still in the
loop that doesn't respond at the speed of light. However, I
use delivery and read receipts on all my mail, and if I at
least get a receipt back, then I know I'm most likely "in
the queue". Failure to receive same leaves me wondering if
my message was even received. Not all ISPs and mailers support
receipts, I know; as to the ISP problem, scripts can provide
the equivalent function. For mailers, all that's required is
to switch to a different mailer. If anyone finds the receipts
distasteful, they can decline to use them, but they risk what
almost happened in this case.

To summarize, had I gotten a receipt, I'd have waited as
patiently as is possible for me, but I'd have waited.
> 2) DOA happens on old drives, so do a dozen other end user mess ups that
> keep them from spinning up or working. The drive could be fine, and you
> just have a wimpy power supply or a jumper set wrong.

Bzzt. Sorry, nope. The power supply is driving two diff SCSI drives
that are full-height 5.25 inch units (HP 97548's, I believe). No
way a wimpy 3.5 half-height drive is sucking more juice.
> 3) Look at the ad terms carefully, not wishfully. Does it say 100% tested,
> or just no DOA? If the latter it may be he has a stack of "mostly" good
> drives and no desire to test them before shipping at $15 each.

It said "just not DOA", and the drive was just plain DOA.

-doug quebbeman
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