Computer controlled pipe organs (was: TRON Movie Soundtrack LP)

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 08:58:12 2000

> On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, allisonp wrote:
> [...] Hammond Organs, Subotnick, etc.
> >
> > We should talk in terms of how old computers were used
> > for music or declare this the official off topic thread. We
> > always seem to have one and often they are as interesting
> > as any even if they are OT.

Well, then let's get a discussion going about the uses of older
computers with music, from real-time synthesis performed by computers
to computers controlling synthesizers. I always thought it would be
fun to have a large old pipe organ controlled by a hulking
minicomputer with blinking lights, paying Bach's Fuge in D-minor, and,
also controlled by the same system, special-effects lighting, a few
fair-sized jacob's ladders and tesla coils... with all the circuitry
external to the computer used for switching done by vacuum-tube
circuitry, not SCRs, transistors, etc. :-) Does anyone know of any
Wurlitzers controlled by computers or retrofitted to be controlled by

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