Is it time for an International Vintage Computer Association? Was: Yo

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 13:40:31 2000

> > Sellam and many others on this list have put forth great effort to put
> > on the VCF's, which I hope to be able to attend someday soon.
> I don't know about you, but I'll bet alot of guys here can't even
> afford the air fare. I know I can't.

So what? At least some people can afford to go. For a lucky few, it
might just be a short trip in the car. Better a few than none...
> Yeah, it's gonna give prices a real boost, alright. Tell me how
> you think any kind of 'boost' is going to help, huh?

How about real museums? How about speadiung knowledge - informing the
public and each other about the history? How about saving hardware and
software that is out of the reach af any individual? How about
professional recognition? How about security for our collections?

> And I'm saying, all you will be doing is raising the cost of
> admission. There's nothing anyone can do to stop you, of course.
> If Classic Computing becomes a 'legitimate' hobby with a 'legitimate'
> organization, then I guess there won't be room for amateurs
> like myself. You professional 'true historical preservationists'
> can have it.

Jeff, take your stinking attitude and get out of town. Please. The one
thing that hurts retrocomputing more than anything else is someone like you.

William Donzelli
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