Price of our hobby, was Re: Is it time for an International Vintage Computer Association?

From: Marvin <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 15:53:25 2000

Jeffrey l Kaneko wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Jun 2000 09:48:53 -0700 Marvin <> writes:
> > Isn't it also odd how the people with these "deep pockets" also seem
> > to get
> > a lot accomplished? You might want to look at that correlation and
> > see what
> > it means.
> Okay, if you want to take that tack on the subject, let's go:
> So you're saying that only the rich and powerful are *worthy* of
> a such as noble endeavor such as ours?

Oh come on, do we have to play the "I have to use small words so you will
understand" game? I hope not, but your "let's go" has nothing to do with
what I said. "Worthy" is not the issue; getting something done *is* the

> So your saying: "Sorry, if you can't pay, you don't deserve to play".
> What a crock of shit. Accomplish what!?! All it means to me is,
> is that some guys can delude themselves into thinking that if they
> pour money into something, they can call it a hobby. They haven't
> go it. The only way to really appreciate what we do here (well,
> what *I* do anyway) is to get your "hands dirty" with this stuff.
> Maybe you can pay someone to do the work for you, but you're
> kidding yourself.

See comment #1; don't put words in my mouth. As far as "paying", there have
been *many* discussion on this list that most of this stuff is available
free or very close to free for anyone willing to do the research. And for a
few others, I also realize that where we live makes it easier or harder to
acquire this stuff. Your statement about appreciation can be turned around
to say that you cannot appreciate what it takes to make *and keep* money;
both your and my statements have grains of truth in them.

> > See comment #1. Those "priviledged few" are generally the people
> > that get
> > things done and manage their resources wisely. Personally, I would
> > not want
> > someone without the ability to manage having any control over my
> > collection.
> Oh, okay, so you're saying that if we can't pay the increasing
> cost of admission, we're deadbeats, is that it?!?! Try to tell
> that to the retired folks who have fixed incomes. Try to tell
> that to schoolkids who now equate computer=Wintel, and don't
> know that something existed before. Yeah, we're going to pass
> this all on, right? Yeah, when we're all dead, and there no
> one around to tell the story . . .

See comment #1. What I am saying is that if someone can't manage the
resources they already have access to, then expecting others to subsidize
the lack of management skills is more than a bit naive.

> Now as a matter of fact, I don't give a rat's ass about your
> collection. What you do with it is *your* business. What I *do*
> care about though, are the poor stiffs who would like to pursue
> computing as a hobby, but will instead have to find something
> else to do, because the prices are out of sight.

<Sigh>, It also matters not at all to me what you think or do. At the point
you leave the "poor me" attitude behind, and start looking at why your
situation exists (whatever that might be), then you will *begin* to be able
to do something about it (assuming you even want to.) Your complaints about
prices are reflective of your attitudes and they don't seem to be
particularly productive.
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