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From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 18:42:44 2000

> > Try telling it to the unemployed hardware hacker who's figured out how
> > fix things that the manufacturer claimed could only be repaired at their
> > factory with special equipment.
> If in fact it truly requires specialized equipment and this hacker
> can demonstrate that it doesn't, I'm at a loss to understand why said
> hacker is unemployed save by choice.

With all due respect, Chris, and acknowledging that this may vary
from region to region, the ability to find gainful employment
has less to do with one's technical skills than it does with the
balance of one's employment skills and personality. For example,
it's far more important to my employer that I wear a crisp shirt
and tie each day than that I know trend <x> or technology <z>
(unless I hadn't said so before, I'm a programmer working as a
system administrator; long story behind why). YMMV, etc.

-doug q
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