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From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 18:56:58 2000

> Not true. Nearly every museum will welcome volunteers with open arms, and
> as long as the artifcats are not abused, they can be worked on and used.
> Just about anyone on this list is welcome at RCS/RI to play with any of
> our machines. Once we know people well enough, machines can be taken home
> on a loan basis. In this we are not some odd organization - many museums
> work exactly in this fashion. And the price is zero.


While it really helps to have "live" organizational skills,
I think a group of organizationally-challenged folk could
do wonders if they had a roadmap to follow, and from the
sounds of it, you & Merle & Co. have put together something

Have you considered writing up either your experiences in
putting the RCS/RI together, or even better, something
closer to a step-by-step guide to finding the interested
local parties and what to look for in terms of facilities
(lots of space & separately derived 3-phase power systems
are obvious; other things are less so).

It may never happen here in the Louisville area (whatever
critical mass of interest is required may or may not be
present), but I'd like to try getting it started. We have
a Museum of Science and Technology, but it's all mass-public
stuff, IMAX Theatre, etc.

-doug q
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