$700 TRS-80???

From: Nick Oliviero <oliv555_at_arrl.net>
Date: Tue Jun 27 20:15:11 2000

Bill Bradford wrote:

> Anybody else see the MicroVAX II with VMS 4.x and a set of
> orange-wall manuals a guy (lance_at_swcp.com) is trying to
> sell for $1400?
> 1/10th of that would be more reasonable, I would think...

Even that is too high, there are many available for the
taking, though not necessarily with all the extras you
described. You just need to keep yours eyes open. Example ...

I've got a MVII in a BA-123 (diskless) free to anyone in the
Houston area. I just need to dig it out from the pile of
shipping cartons piled on / around it. First request gets it.

Someone commented on being suspicious of an eBay seller for
changing his ID. Not always a cause for concern. I'll be
changing mine after completion of some pending buys, simply
because ...... I'm tired of my old *handle*.........

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