The cost of collecting debate

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 22:05:34 2000

On Tue, 27 Jun 2000, Steve Robertson wrote:
> The reason that I collect is that I enjoy tinkering with and restoring old
> machines. It has nothing to do with monitary gain, historical preservation,
> mentoring children about the "old ways", or saving the world from the loss
> of some irreplacable techno-saur. With the exception of "monitary gain" all
> the other reasons above are BS!

Same here. Granted, I'd like to see this equipment preserved in the
long term, but, tinkering and restoring the systems, and making
modifications as needed to make them more useful, are why I "collect"
computers. If, in order to make a computer work again, if I have to
modify something, use different parts, etc. I will, as my goal is a
working system, not a museum piece.

> Frankly I do have enough money to buy almost any computer I want and I do
> buy from E-Bay. I also buy from garage sales, flee markets, thrift stores,

Same here. Getting a cheap or free toy to play with is all part of
the fun, even though more expensive ones are affordable. If all
systems became expensive, I'd stop collecting, simply because it would
no longer be fun, and I wouldn't want to patronize price-gougers.

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