The cost of collecting debate

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 23:05:55 2000

Rumor has it that Tony Duell may have mentioned these words:


>You can't clip a logic analyser onto a poster.

Sure you can! However, I can pretty much guarantee you'll end up with a
"logic 0" every time... ;-)

>And while I collect books (boy, do I collect books), I have little
>interest in yet another 'learn Commodore 64 BASIC' (or similar) book.
>Technical manuals, sure -- I buy just about any that I come across.
>Databooks, ditto. But not 3rd party user manuals.

On that we certainly agree.

>And when you've seen the insides of one 286 PC/AT clone you've pretty
>much seen them all.

Hear, Hear! I *refuse* to collect IBM PC's of any type (well, *damn near*
any type -- I might take in a Tandy 2000, but that would be about it.)
Despite Micros~1's protestations, Win9x/ME==DOS==boring. In my town,
there's prolly 20 or fewer folks that could even figure out how to boot VMS
on my DEC, let alone log in... (installation did require some help from you
folks - and I thank you again for that). Most folks that are PeeCee based
are like "Howcomewhyfor nuthin' happens when I press F1?" It doesn't occur
to most folks nowadays to try something new/different (read: the HELP
command). Now to get DECWindows up... so I can see the documentation on how
to get DECWindows up... I guess I'm feeling recursive tonite. ;-)

Honestly, I have no desire for an altair/imsai/apple 1, so as long as those
are "fashionable" and little else, I won't shed a tear over it. If,
however, the state of affordable collecting is reduced to '286's, I'll just
keep my 30 or so machines to myself and become a "compu-hermit." I'll want
no part of it anymore.

Re: the "amateur vs. professional" debate: To most folks nowadays, the term
"professional" means "you have a degree from a well-heeled university" to
prove you actually know what you're doing (which in my eyes isn't proof at
all...). No Ph.D. == amateur. There is *no* degree in Classic Computing
History, so by this definition we're *all* amateurs...

Just my $0.00000002 (and that's what it's worth...)
Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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