Price of our hobby, was Re: Is it time for an International Vintage Computer Association?

From: Bill Bradford <>
Date: Tue Jun 27 23:17:43 2000

On Tue, Jun 27, 2000 at 06:12:49PM -0700, Fred Cisin (XenoSoft) wrote:
> There are still some analogous niches. Nobody seems to be collecting
> monitors. printers? Too bulky? Nobody seems to be collecting modems.
> Who wants some PCJrs?
> Morrow MD2?
> Amiga 1000?
> [local pickup only. Sorry, for the price, I'm not willing to ship.]

I've got an A1000 with keyboard (no mouse, sorry) in Austin, Texas
free for the pickup, along with three 19" rackmount drive trays (complete
with slide rails) from a 4/690MP; along with the trays go six 2.1gig
Seagate 5.25" FH differential SCSI HDs (and all cables) and six 1.2gig
5.25" FH IPI drives. I've also got six 1200 watt power supplies for
a 4/6[7,9]0MP.

If anybody in the area wants any of this, let me know. I need to clean
out the garage for the arrival of more DEC stuff in a couple of


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