Rich vs. Poor: Middle Ground

From: allisonp <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 05:48:38 2000

From: Mike Ford <>

>This is such a crock, if you want a cheap computer do the same thing you
>did before eBay, turn over a LOT of rocks. Just about everybody on this
>lists that is actively looking, ie making phone calls, driving places,
>etc., is still finding a LOT of computers.


In the last year for free and not actively sought...

 Coleco Adam from the trash
 Zenith Xt laptop "here you want it, or the trash"
 Hyndai 286LT laptop in the trash, works!
 486dx/66 system even 4x cdrom complete, if I didn't take it
  guess what... the trash.

and other odds and ends. Granted the PC stuff is mostly for giving away
as I don't need it all.

There is stuff to be found the trick is to catch it before it's landfill
many cases. Maybe it's me but far to much good hardware is going

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