Choose Dumpster #1, Dumpster #2, Dumpster #3

From: McFadden, Mike <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 15:54:01 2000

For me something about dumpsters seems to have a siren call like mermaids
luring ships on the rocks. My son laughs every time I'm driving down the
street and all of a sudden announce, "is that a full dumpster over there?"

My feeling is that when somebody puts stuff in the dumpster they are "saying
it has no value", I just want to prove them wrong. Having the "eye" to find
the value in the trash, to recognize "good stuff". I'm like an archeologist
walking through an area looking at rocks hoping to find the fossil missing

The auction location scenario is a contest to see who can discern the "true"
value of stuff and convince everyone else to drop out.

The vintage machine and software that may be for sale seem to be more of a
"known" commodity.

Maybe it's the adventure, the thrill of discovery, the agony of lifting
trash to find the pearl.

I haven't had a breakdown yet but it could be caused if I had to choose
between 3 dumpsters being approached by a single trash truck. Wait a minute
it could be worse, 3 dumpsters each being approached by a trash truck.

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