Your dream computer room.

From: Bill Sudbrink <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 16:22:06 2000

Peter Turnbull wrote:
> Six weeks ago was the point at which it all got moved out,
> and the conversion/extension work began. By this weekend,
> I'll be putting in the new network cable and starting painting
> in the new computer room. The walls have been lined and
> plastered (makes the room smaller, but deals with the
> condensation issues), new ceiling, it's all rewired (175 metres
> of cable in the power circuits alone), purpose-built workbenches
> (still to be built, though), raised computer floor, floor boxes
> for power and network, floor-to-ceiling shelves in one corner to
> hold and run about 20 small machines and their peripherals, space
> for two DEC racks and a couple of BA23's.

<extreme jealousy>

Ok. Let's start a fun thread for a change. Who among us didn't
spend some time with paper and crayon as a child designing the ideal
"fort"? What kind of computer shop would you build given sufficient
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