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Date: Wed Jun 28 15:35:02 2000

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Date: Wednesday, June 28, 2000 2:48 PM
Subject: OT: College

>degree. Doing so right after high school is the path of
>least resistance--it _is_ harder when you're older (from

However when older it can be a more directed activity.

>have filled that time--such as having served in the Peace
>Corps, the military, or a real-world job--that might just
>have made a person who waited to go to college appreciate
>the opportunity laid before them. A person who did such a
>thing may well be a better candidate for it.

Big time.

>While there is no shortage of the kind of people
>who will not take a second look at those whose resumes
>don't fit the mold, there are also plenty of others less
>closed minded who would likely be more satisfying to
>work for.

so very true. Those are the people willing to offer challenges
that both benefit the business and the people.

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