the other side of the equation - your SO/spouse

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Jun 29 02:34:04 2000

On Jun 28, 21:52, Bill Bradford wrote:

> How does your significant other/spouse deal with your hobby, if
> you have one (a SO, not a hobby), and what "concessions" do you
> make to stay in their good graces?

Concessions? She took the rest of the garage and all of the extension :-)

We have a deal: I don't ask her to mend my computers, and she doesn't ask
me to help in the garden or the allotment she recently took on :-) Well
that was the original deal, but occasionally I do help -- if there are
paving slabs to move, or wood to be sawn. Liz is into gardening and
computers rather like I'm into computers and gardening, so the utility room
is also a garden store. I like to sit in the garden and she likes the
convenience of email. So apart from the SGI Indigo on her desk, computers
are restricted to the computer room (garage) and my office, and the network
(especially Internet access for the web and email), printers and tech
support will be available whenever required.

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