Archives of OS/360-ish public domain software?

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Date: Thu Jun 29 08:06:34 2000

>> There must've been an (or several) IBM "Big Iron" users groups at
>> one point. Didn't they have a library of public-domain software they
>> shared?

>Yes... IIRC, wasn't it called S.H.A.R.E.?

Yes, SHARE still exists, but its online archives only extend back to 1997
and you have to fork over $250.00 and have an IBM mainframe and be
approved by their membership committee just to view the archives.

See for more information...

It's also unfortunate that SHARE's bylaws prohibit anyone other than SHARE
from distributing their collected software. I was
looking for public-domain OS/360 stuff, but maybe William's right: It just
doesn't exist, and if it does exist, they don't want you to find it!

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