Your dream computer room.

From: George Rachor <>
Date: Thu Jun 29 10:55:39 2000

Sounds like that off-shore drilling platform we have been hearing about

I've made a start on mine. I just bought a house on a community airstrip
and it has a 1200 sq ft hangar. I don't have a plane yet so here is the

1. Move collection into the hangar. - DONE
2. Move into the house - This weekend
3. Start planning for remodel to include second story over garage and
hangar. - Planning
4. Organize collection in hangar. Take inventory for the first time.
5. Weed out stuff that doesn't fit with collection. Offer orphans to this
group for cost of shipping . (No big iron here)
6. Remodel (Start purging exccess inventory)
7. Move Collection into allocated area of remodel.
8. Start shopping for airplane now that computers have a new home.

Probably a 10 year plan but at least the collection is dry and protected.


George L. Rachor Jr.
Beaverton, Oregon
United States of America Amateur Radio : KD7DCX

On Thu, 29 Jun 2000, Will Jennings wrote:

> Well...
> It would be an entire building, I like Marvin's 10,000 sq ft. minimum, as
> for the fire protection, I'd for sure want halon or something similar, i.e.
> NO water! A raised floor of course, but with twice the normal height under
> the floor. Also, a basement area containing some massive transformers (so I
> could get 440 volt power), and diesel generators in the event of power
> failure. There would also be room for a water cooling system, in the event I
> ever get lucky enough to own an IBM 3033 or other water-cooled machine.
> Central air is a must, I'd require it to be a positive air flow environent,
> meeting mil specs. Definetly climate-controlled, I like the fireproof room
> for docs and software idea, also a seperate room for spare boards and misc
> stuff. It would have to have an area for disk pack storage too. Another
> seperate workshop-type room, with logic analyzer, scope, etc. Also, multiple
> humongous 3-phase UPS's, just in case. Hell, why not my own substation?
> Also, a loading dock at semi height would be good, and there would be a nice
> long sloped ramp too.
> Will J
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