Your dream computer room.

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Thu Jun 29 13:47:39 2000

> A vertical storage system with 3 foot deep by
> 4 foot wide "shelves" mounted on a kind of chain
> driven circular elevator. I got the idea from
> some pictures of a car parking facility. The
> shelf at the I/O position could slide onto a cart
> which could then take it to a workstation where
> it would lock in. I figure about 2 feet of
> clearance between shelves and the whole system
> being about 50 feet tall (or down into the floor)
> so you could have 50 systems easily ready to use,
> demo or work on.

Sounds just like a White Data Systems Vertical
Carousel... never got to work with one of those,
but I wrote lots of code to move the WDS Horizontal
Carousels back in the 80s...

-doug q
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