Setasi PEP70/HC43/HC45 cabling

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Thu Jun 29 16:08:39 2000

Does anyone here know anything about the Setasi PEP70 memory system
for the PDP-11/70?

I posted the question below to the PDP-11 list, and got no reply. :-(


Can anyone describe the correct cabling between the PEP70, HC43, and HC45
cards (Setasi's memory and cache-replacement cards for the PDP-11/70)?

There are four connectors on the PEP70, and two each on the HC43 and HC45.

It appears that the topmost PEP70 connector should be cabled to the
second from the top on the HC45, and the second PEP70 to the topmost on
the HC45.

But I have no idea how the two cables between the PEP70 and HC43 should
be wired. There would seem to be only two possibilities, but I am loathe
to risk damaging anything by using trial and error.

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