New Finds

From: Bob Stek <>
Date: Thu Jun 29 16:39:37 2000

I don't often make great finds around Hartford, but a local HS had a tag
sale, and for $20 I came away with:

2 Mac Plus w/ 2 "long" and 3 "short" keyboards, 1 numeric keypad (less the
')' key), all working
3 matching 20 MB SCSI drives, also working
5 mice for same
1 Mac LC
3 Apple Keyboard II (1 cable, 2 kb's missing 1 key each, and only 1 ADB
1 "limited Edition Woz" IIGS, working
2 Mac 12" RGB Displays, working
1 Apple composite color monitor for the IIGS, working
1 Apple IIe
2 Echo IIb boards & speakers
3 3.5" Apple drives, condition unknown
3 5" Apple drives, condition unknown
2 Heath-Zenith 8088's, from which I scavenged the 2 ST-225 drives (working),
1 working HD controller, 2 5" floppies condition unknown, 2 floppy
controllers (ditto), I/O boards, AST combo board, the CPU's and memory
1 IBM PC Portable - one of the floppies was not working, so I replaced it
with a HD and WD controller from one of the Zeniths - works great!

If I had half the space some of you describe, I could have had 20-30 IIe's,
monitors, printers, and some 286 PC's. Of course, if I did that I would
also have a second ex-wife!

Bob Stek
Saver of Lost SOLs
Received on Thu Jun 29 2000 - 16:39:37 BST

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