Getting into VAXing

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Thu Jun 29 17:34:42 2000

On June 29, Tony Duell wrote:
> It's essentially the same CPU, packed into a different case, and with an
> RC25 disk drive. I am told the latter is a nightmare which headcrashes if
> you look at it wrongly, but anyway.....

  At a former place of employment, there was a legend of one of those
blasted RC25 drives crashing because someone farted.

  Apparently, the guy was sitting on one of those notorious un-padded
wooden chairs which was on the raised floor right next to the machine
(an 11/725) containing the drive. He ate lunch at the Mexican
restaurant across the street. Apparently his output produced just
enough vibration at just the right frequency to cause the head to hit
the media during a spinup.

            -Dave McGuire
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