Getting into VAXing

From: allisonp <>
Date: Thu Jun 29 17:20:11 2000

For the original topic...

For those getting into VAX based machines a smaller VAX
like a VS2000, VS3100 or maybe a complete MicroVax-II,
MV-III, 11/730 or even 11/750 is a good starting point and
an easy admission. Once you're comfortable and DECified
with that then something more massive or complex to get
going is reasonable. Also from a perfomance standpoint
the smaller VAXen can be impressive.

I can hear the crowd... 11/730 or 750s are physically larger but
if complete they are otherwise ver manageable for power and
cooling. Also unlike the larger 78x and 85xx series the 730s
and 750s are fairly common, well known and can often be
had for the effort of moving it.

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