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Date: Fri Jun 30 10:53:01 2000

I think this guy may have fool's gold syndrome but if someone would like
to help him out then please do.


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Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 10:21:56 -0400
From: m.mcneely <>
Subject: vax

i have a vax 4000/300 and codex 6745 i just unplugged from the wall in a major retail store im demolishing it was installed new in 90
i dont know anything about servers but i know it must be worth something it looks new
it has 3 dec300servers in it, and plenty of other things [hubs routers monitors and key boards]
that i dont know anything about
what im looking for is {whats it worth} it was working when i unplugged it
it still has the two floppies in the drive and i have all the cables that were hooked to it
if you would like i can send pics
    i'd be willing to pay someone a commition for selling it for me
                                                                                    thanks in advance

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