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>>List the 20 to 30 systems you would display and briefly explain the
>>reason for choosing each.

Okay, I think I can do that, in (more or less) chronological order no less!

1: Xerox Alto
Reason: Because, after all, where would the GUI have come from without this

2: IBM 5100
Reason: To show that, just because it was IBM, & it was the frist
intergrated computer (sans printer), the people will not always buy it. Also
I think the $16,384 price tag may have had something to do with it, I don't

3 & 4: Altair 8800 & IMSAI 8080 (respectively)
Reason: The first commercially available computers, & to illustrate that the
clone wars did not start in the 80's, they started much earlier than that.

5. Apple I
Reason: Pretty self explanitory.

6, 7, & 8. Apple ][, Commodore PET, TRS-80 Model I (respectively)
Reason: After all, these were "The Big Three", weren't they?

9. Compucolor
Reason: (Allegedly) The first computer to inexpensively offer color

10. CBM 4032
Reason: Commodore's most famous (infamous?) business computer.

11. Apple ][+
Reason: Finally, Apple's figuring out how to be a computer company!

12. TI-99/4
Reason: TI's first foray in the computer market, as if anyone cared.

13. Commodore VIC-20
Reason: "The friendly color computer that anyone can afford" --William

14. TI-99/4A
Reason: To show that it is not a good idea to hire a pitchman who sells
Jell-o and (New) Coke.

15. Commodore 64
Reason: Requires no explanation.

16. GRiD Compass 1100
Reason: I would think that the first clamshell laptop should deserve a
place in computer history!

17. Apple LISA
Reason: Sometimes Apple can just way too ahead of themselves.

18. TRS-80 Model 100
Reason: When these things came out, who didn't own one?

19. Otrona Attache
Reason: Wow! A small "luggable", how about that!

20. Apple Macintosh
Reason: "On January 24th, Apple will introduce Macintosh. And you will see
why 1984 won't be like *1984*"

21. Commodore Amiga
Reason: And you thought Macintosh pioneered multimedia!

22. NeXT Cube
Reason: Who would have thought a black cube for a CPU would look so cool?

23. Apple Macintosh Portable
Reason: Portable? Riiiiiiight!

24. Atari Portfolio
Reason: Now you know where your PDA came from.
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