Sun Optical mouse pad anyone?

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Date: Sat Dec 1 05:33:54 2001

On 30 Nov, Fred deBros wrote:

> OK, so there are type 4 (UV plus vis light)
IR not UV.

> Type 4 mice require a different optical pad than type 5.
I found that the type of pad does not matter.

> There is a ps file that prints the type 4 mouse pad grid on paper.
> Do I have to laminate that print, or print it on a transparency and glue
> that onto an aluminum foil or print it onto a reflective foil?
Paper works, but I found that a reflective background works better. I
printed it on a A4 transparency, puted aluminum foil on the printed
side, puted an other transparency on top of the foil and and fixated
this with sticky tape at the edges. Worked well for years.
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