DEC Infoserver 150

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Sat Dec 1 11:36:23 2001

> Hi folks. I got a few questions. First, is there anything that makes
> this box different from a plain-vanilla VAXserver 3100? Second, does
> anyone have the software for this bad boy? Third, will the software run
> on a regular VAXserver 3100? Fourth, what does the software consist of?

I can provide the software, but the InfoServer 150 is different from a
VAXserver 3100. I've tried to swap the ROMs, but that didn't work. The
InfoServer 100 is the same as a VAXserver 3100 (but I can't remember
which model) with different ROMs. If you want to try, I can provide
Infoserver 100 ROM images.
Eric Dittman
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