Tall Tree Systems`JRAM-3'

From: Robert Schaefer <rschaefe_at_gcfn.org>
Date: Sat Dec 1 20:06:14 2001

Anyone know what this is? It came from a 256K IBM XT, I thought at first it
was a video card, (it was in the first slot), but it's got eight banks of
nine 41256 ram DIPs on it. That sounds like a lot for a mono video card,
doesn't it? Combo card? it's got a looong double-row of pin sockets along
the bottom just above the ISA connector, and another single row up the whole
edge between the external connectors (male 9 pin & female 25 pin) and the
components. Maybe a daughter board? It's got one 6-position DIP switch at
the top right (^vvvv^) and 3 three-pin jumpers along the top near the rams,
(xx. xx. xx.) It's got a couple've big (1/8") holes on the board, lending
credence to the daughterboard theory. All the chips are labeled in an
intersting way-- u84 158 is --get this-- a 74LS158N. Don't ya wish
everything was made like this?

The computer it came out of looks pretty interesting, aside for a decade's
worth of grime on it. A whopping 256K ram on the motherboard, 2x internal
floppy, Adaptec HDD controller, external (!) ummm... 20? Meg drive in a case
that _looks_ like an IBM part, but it doesn't actually _say_ IBM anywhere on
it. Connects via IDC connectors on ribbon cable. Strange. Have to pop the
case to plug it in. I hate to think just how much this setup must've cost

ja ne

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