Tall Tree Systems`JRAM-3'

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Date: Sun Dec 2 13:19:31 2001

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> It is NOT a multifunction card.
> It is a memory card.
> The DB25 is NOT parallel, it is not serial.
> On the Jlaser/Jlaser-Plus that use the same basic board design, the DB25
> is CX laser controller (NOT Centronicsw parallel!), and the DE9 is for
> Canon IX-12 scanner (NOT video, serial, etc.)

Cool! Any chance you have some docs on it? I haven't plugged anything in
to it yet, altho I did power up the system a few times. Once made it as far
as `PARITY 1 ERROR', most times it just sat there with the cursor blinking.
I've been reseating all the chips. Got a little too smart tho-- I pulled
one out to jam it back in, it came out crooked and broke two pins off.
:( If I can't find a spare off another board, I'll see about soldering the
pins back on. BTW, the MB has a V20. Is that stock on an IBM-branded XT?

> The card is ALL memory, with just a few "glue" chips. There is no
> multi-function stuff on it.
> The "daughter" cards, on the other hand, have all sorts of weird stuff.

What kind of weird stuff? Interesting-weird or strange-and-useles-weird?

> Want to buy a few?

daughterboards or cards?

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