Scrapping hardware to get it off the books (RE: Is it a Lisa or Mac XL?!)

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Sun Dec 2 12:32:01 2001

> ! I saw ... a SuperMac monitor, smaller than the 19inch
> ! Radius I've got, but the bug mentioned a "huge" one in back.
> Really? Any idea if they work, and what shipping to CT
> (06520-9040) might be?

I'll make an effort to get you the info you're asking for on
this, but please be patient, I'm not sure when I can get back
there during business hours.
> ! I have ... and/or the split keyboard.
> Cool. That is a neat piece of Mac history. How much?

How about $25 plus S&H? The numeric keypad is in
great shape, but the main KB has yellowed.

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