PDP-9 lives

From: Bob Supnik <bsupnik_at_nauticusnet.com>
Date: Sun Dec 2 12:53:58 2001


First, congratulations on this terrific progress!

Second, a stop at 22 is probably an unexpected CAL (opcode of 0), which
would do an effective JMS 20, pick up the instruction at 21 (probably a HLT
to catch the CAL), and then halt with an apparent PC = 22. Take a look at
M[20], it should have the PC+1 of the CAL.


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From: Hans B Pufal
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Subject: PDP-9 lives

I am very happy to be able to announce that the PDP-9 that we have been
working on for quite some time finally began talking to the world again

We had gotten memory and processor operational, then had to fix a memory

fault which developed. TTY I/O posed some problems but finally today it
spoke and we could reply.

We ran the only two test routines we have on paper tape: the extended
memory test and the TTY test. There appears to be some issue with the
TTY since part 1 test halts after a while with PC=22, no mention of that

in the test writeup! TTY test part 2 runs without error.

Anyways, we plan on completeing checkout on this system, fix a couple of

burnt our indicator bulbs and get the punch up before starting on the
second system we have. That one has a dual dectapes, then we can read
the 100 or so tapes trhat came with the system, and run some real
software ;-)

I'd be interested in knowing the status of other pdp-9's.


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