NeXT stuff

From: James L. Rice <>
Date: Sun Dec 2 17:24:31 2001

I've talked to a couple of people who have Pyro boards. They don't seem
too stable. Not that I would mind, I could adapt to rebooting one of my
NeXt machines like my Windows machines. Small price to pay I assume? ;-)

One Without Reason wrote:

>Ok. I had borrowed a soundbox and cables for my NeXT, but the person from
>whom I had borrowed them wants them back. Does anyone have an extra
>non-ADB soundbox and cables for a NeXT color slab available? My monitor
>has 3BNC connection.
>Also, (I know I am doing a bit of wishful thinking here), does anyone have
>a Pyro accelerator board for a slab, they wouldn't mind selling?
>Peace... Sridhar
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