MP/M and Yaze

From: SP <>
Date: Sun Dec 2 15:25:02 2001

Hello again. I have another matter that could be interesting
for somebody (I hope). The Yaze CP/M emulator v.1.20
comex with support for switched memory banks (in appearence).
I couldn't review the source code by now. Somebody did it ?
I should like to reconstruct one simple MP/M system under it.
I know some source code can be donwloaded from and I did it, bit my next problem
is related with the modules needed to construct the
OS nucleus, and the order of these modules.
I could need a hand too with CP/M. I have some doubts
about the paper of the CBIOS.ASM and BIOS.ASM

Finally, I'm interesting about one fascinating CP/M emulator,
the ZRPM. It does one emulation of diverse models of computers
that could run CP/M like the Osborne and the Kaypro. I can say
that I've loadad two versions of Wordstar for every computer
under the same emulator, and loaded one or another adjusting
settings internally in the ZRPM telling it was worked in a Kaypro
or Osborne portable. I thought all these matters was under control
of the BDOS but here are more misterious. Right ? What exactly ?

Thanks and Greetings

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