Ebay madness -- Kaypro II for $515

From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Mon Dec 3 13:59:55 2001

 Well one positive thing is that the Kaypro is going for more than the
Osborne . It was generally acknowledged that it was a much better
machine, but the aura of Adam Osborne's persona has generally
made the Osborne more popular to collectors.
 The description mentions the Perfect Software package but it isn't
included in the package. I have a pristine set of this, put out by
Pied Piper. In the manuals it brags about being written in C and
therefore easily transportable to other platforms. There is also some
stuff in the startup procedures about the Dos prompt meaning any
of the Dos systems such as CP/M, MSDOS, and CPM/86. One of
the 4 disks I have is a CP/M system disk and I seem to remember
that the start-up asked what system you were using. There are 2
Perfect program disks and a Workdisk. Were the program disks simply
some sort of overlay that could be used if you had the relevant system
disk or was it like the Commodore/Atari programs in which you had
system specific disks ? ISTR that my Uniform program could read CP/M
files rather than simply reformatting them like Teledisk.
 My Kaypros and CP/M machines are still on the unpacking list waiting
for a CP/M corner to be set up so I can't explore it at this time. Also
the Kaypros Achilles heel, the disk drive system, was giving me problems.


> Two guys who have bid up a Kaypro II to $515 on eBay . . . and there's
> still 13 hours left.
> http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1301312698
> Both joined eBay during the past few weeks, which may explain it. One
> of them is currently high bidder on an Osborne 01 that is already over
> $300.
> I'm going to get my "rare" "museum-grade" Kaypro 4 up for auction right
> away!
> -W

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